A Day in the Life

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life is a blogger event, hosted by Trish at Love, Laughter, and a touch of Insanity, where bloggers keep track of what they do for a day, and then share it with others.

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to be participating in this blogger event!  I just found out about it the other day via Twitter, and I'm glad I did.  It was a lot of fun and an eye-opening experience!

A few notes about my Day in the Life:

  • I'm long-winded and detailed.  It's just how I am.  Pretty much all of my reviews are long-winded and detailed.  I'm like that IRL, too.  So I apologize for this being so long, but I like to be thorough!
  • I have two kids.  I don't really use their names on the blog, so I call them Kiddo 1 and Kiddo 2.  They're both boys, and Kiddo 1 is 5 1/2 and in kindergarten and Kiddo 2 is almost 1 month old.
  • Because I just had a baby a month ago, this Day in the Life maybe isn't so typical.  I'm still getting used to having a baby again, and also getting used to having two kids instead of one.  Also, the day recorded here is kind of atypical because Kiddo 2 was circumcised that day.  So it was a harder day than normal for him, and for me, and also for Kiddo 1.
  • Also because I just had a baby a month ago, this Day in the Life is not really a typical account of my blogger life, because this post is in fact the first one I've had on the blog in over a month.  As you'll see in this post, reading and blogging are just not as easy to do these days.  But you will see that I do think about blogging and kind of do a few blogging things even though it's not much.
  • Please disregard the changes in tense.  Sometimes I use present tense and sometimes I use past tense.  I also don't punctuate all the time and don't always use capital letters where they need to go.  I know, I know, the grammar nerd in me is gasping, too.  But maybe you'll understand why I have no time to fix those things right now... ;)

Okay, okay, let's get to it shall we?  The day in question was this past Wednesday, March 25, 2015.  Here it is:

3:45 AM: Kiddo 2 fussing. Go to the living room, breastfeed, mess around on my phone.

4:25 AM: Kiddo 1 woke up, couldn't find his stuffed animal. Told him to really look around (pick up comforter, what a concept!), and I'd help if he still couldn't find her. Of course he needed my help, went in, saw the toy by just looking at bed. Kiss and hug, go back to sleep. A couple comments (from him) about when to wake up, lights off, goodnight.

4:35 AM: Sit back down, still breastfeeding, then Kiddo 2 falls asleep. I waited a while to make sure he was asleep, of course when I stood up he woke back up. I put him in bassinet so I could pee, hoped he'd be asleep when I came back into the room. No luck.

5:00 AM: Went back out into living room and breastfed again. Realized I'm probably getting no more sleep today, because if I want to make sure I get a shower (which I do, because I have to go out of house today) I have to do it at 6 while the hubs is still here. Found out about Day in the Life while on Twitter, started making notes.

5:30 AM: Still breastfeeding, but he's winding down and falling asleep. Maybe I can put him down and have a 30 minute nap? Let's try it. Going back into bedroom, get onto cat for being on kitchen table. Kiddo 2 wakes up. Yay. 

5:35 AM: Back to breastfeeding. Maybe I'm awake enough to read? Let's try it.

5:47 AM: Take photo (obviously messing around on my phone instead of reading)

5:49 AM: Still messing around on phone. I really should try to read for 10 min. Actually read for 10 min. Read 8 pages. Whoo.

6:02 AM: Yawn #1 (probably more than this, this is just the first one I've noted)

6:05 AM: Handed Kiddo 2 off to the hubs, checked email on phone, took shower. Yawn #2 & #3 while in shower. Had a fleeting moment of excitement when I realized it was Wednesday, but then sadness when I realized this season of The 100 is over.

6:25 AM: Blow dry hair, brush teeth, etc. Remembered Bloggiesta is going on (found out on Monday) maybe I could do some blog housekeeping stuff today and the rest of the week for Bloggiesta.

6:40 AM: Put clean pajamas on (because newborn). Right eye starts twitching. Not cool.

6:43 AM: Take Kiddo 2 back from the hubs. Kiddo 2 is falling asleep. I hope he'll actually sleep so I can eat breakfast. HUNGRY.

6:44 AM: On phone. Going to try to put Kiddo 2 in bouncer so I can eat.

6:55 AM: Make breakfast, get onto cat for getting on counter then on fridge, then on top of cabinets. (Photo) Eat breakfast.

7:03 AM: Kiddo 1 is up. Kiss the hubs goodbye. Kiddo 1 is sporting a Spider-Man glove and brings all his Lightning McQueen cars into the living room.

7:09 AM: Share photo on iCloud photo stream. (My mom likes a pic of Kiddo 2 every day, and I forgot to share one yesterday. Oops!)

7:12 AM: Since Kiddo 2 is still sleeping, make breakfast for Kiddo 1. Take my meds, Kiddo 1 eats. Have discussion w/ Kiddo 1 about tooth fairy. I say I'm not sure if she wants kids to put their teeth under their pillow anymore. Maybe she likes them to leave them above the fireplace... ;)

7:23 AM: Kiddo 1 stirring a bit. My cue to use the bathroom while I can. Go to bathroom, decide to make list for Bloggiesta items to do. I love to-do lists. Start thinking of list in head, but don't actually make physical list yet.

7:26 AM: Start a load of laundry

7:30 AM: Kiddo 2 starts fussing. Pick him up and try to determine what he needs, then he falls back to sleep

7:33 AM: open bathroom door for Kiddo 1 so he can wash his sticky hands.

7:34 AM: Kiddo 1 informs me he is Spider-Man and I can be Aunt Mae

7:37 AM: get text from Jessie, my BBFFL. Text back

7:39 AM: burp Kiddo 2

7:40 AM: more texting with Jessie

7:42 AM: start making Bloggiesta to do list

7:43 AM: Kiddo 1 tells me the things I'm supposed to say as Aunt Mae. So I'm Aunt Mae for 5 minutes. Yawn #4 happens around now.

7:50 AM: more texting with Jessie, who is awesome and offering to give me an audiobook!

7:55 AM: have trouble with my phone. Grrr, phone.

8:04 AM: change Kiddo 2's diaper

8:08 AM: start breastfeeding again

8:13 AM: update phone. Still breastfeeding. Tell Kiddo 1 to get dressed (only have to tell him twice! Wow!) Debate whether I should make him change clothes (they don't match), decide against it. Who cares?

8:23 AM: phone done updating. Put Kiddo 2 in bassinet, get dressed myself, use bathroom.

8:33 AM: try to feed Kiddo 2 some more. Want him to not scream cry in car while we take Kiddo 1 to school.

8:50 AM: put shoes on. Yawn #5 & #6 & #7. Get Kiddo 2 in car seat

8:55 AM: grab Kiddo 2 in car seat, diaper bag, Kiddo 1's backpack and coat, keys, get in car. Help Kiddo 1 tighten his car seat seatbelt. Take Kiddo 1 to school.

9:20 AM: back at home, Kiddo 2 didn't cry in car! Success! Still hate dropping off Kiddo 1 though.

9:30 AM: Kiddo 2 sleeping, so I put him in bassinet. Change back into pj's (because newborn) and get in bed. He fusses a bit, but I hope I can get some sleep. Set alarm, try to take nap.

10:00 AM: Wake up to Kiddo 2 fussing. Got about a 30 min nap! Yay! Go back in living room, grab snack on the way. Kiddo 2 seems to fall back to sleep. Eat snack and mess around on phone.

10:15 AM: try to figure out what audiobook I want

10:19 AM: hear someone coming up the steps to my front door. Barely a knock, and the person goes back down. I look out the window and it's FedEx. They left my tinyprints box (Baby announcements! Yay!) on the front porch, in full view, and there is definitely a different place they could have put it where it wouldn't have been so obvious. Thanks, FedEx.

10:28 AM: Kiddo 2 wakes up, is hungry. Start breastfeeding and look at audiobooks again

10:52 AM: someone else comes up front steps. Actually rings doorbell, goes back down steps. I have to put my boob away and then go to front door. This time it was USPS. They also left package in plain sight. Thanks, USPS. It's a package for Kiddo 2! Yay!

10:55 AM: Kiddo 2 is fussing and still hungry. I change his diaper and feed him again, text back and forth with one of my best friends about The Hunger Games (she's watching the 2nd movie, hasn't read the books) and age-appropriateness of books for kids. Decided to start rating books for age appropriateness in my reviews (For example, The Hunger Games is YA, and I would rate it suitable for older teens or very mature younger teens. I know some bloggers already do this, and I've thought about doing it before, so now I'm going to start.)

11:15 AM: Kiddo 2 done eating, put him in bouncer. Soaked some dishes

11:20 AM: Put Kiddo 2 in bassinet, changed clothes while going to the bathroom (multitasking at its finest). Yawn #8 & #9

11:25 AM: Put Kiddo 2 in car seat, he started crying again. Tried to calm him down. Wanted to leave earlier but still don't have the timing down. 

11:40 AM: Left house to pick up Kiddo 1 who gets out at 11:45. Stupid half-day kindergarten. At least I only live 5 minutes away.

11:45 AM: get to school, have to get Kiddo 2 and his car seat out just to walk 20 steps so Kiddo 1 and his teacher can see me and Kiddo 1 can be released. If I had gotten there earlier I could have parked right in front and just stood next to the car, instead of hauling Kiddo 2 and his car seat out. I feel like I have to have him ready to leave house like 30 minutes ahead for us to actually get there in time for that...

12:05 PM: back home, suddenly exhausted. Kiddo 2 is asleep, but wakes up. Put him in bouncer. Get Kiddo 1 to make his sandwich (thank goodness he can do it himself), make myself lunch. Kiddo 2 starts to fuss so grab him and breastfeed him while I eat (multitasking at its finest again), put phone on charger while eating.

12:35 PM: Finish eating, go to bathroom, tell Kiddo 1 to put on shoes, get Kiddo 2 in car seat, get everyone in car

1:10 PM: get to doctor's, feel like I'm going to fall asleep at any moment.

1:30 PM: Kiddo 2 starts crying. Kiddo 1 talking while doctor trying to talk to me and asking me questions. Kiddo 1 will not listen or be quiet, I constantly have to tell him to be quiet, to stop messing with things. 

1:45 PM: Cry while I hear Kiddo 2 getting circumcised down the hall. Kiddo 1 hugs me and makes me feel better. Still feel horrible for doing this to Kiddo 2. Cry some more. Yawn #10 & #11 & #12 & #13. This is a bad day.

2:04 PM: Kiddo 2 is still scream crying down the hall. I wish they'd hurry up so I can hold him and comfort him.

2:10 PM: they bring him back in, I feed him, then they prick his foot for PKU test. Kiddo 1 cries because Kiddo 2 is crying. Kiddo 2 will not eat after this, is scream crying, I'm crying, Kiddo 1 is crying.

2:36 PM: Finally I just give up trying to calm him and we leave.

2:55 PM: back home, Kiddo 2 is still scream crying. Kiddo 1 yells at him, I get onto him for it, explain that I know it's a hard day with Kiddo 2 crying so much and I know it's frustrating and hurts our ears and we just want him to stop but he's a baby and we can't yell at him. In fact we shouldn't yell at anyone. Kiddo 1 is obviously just as frustrated as I am.

3:00 PM: Kiddo 1 has snack and then goes into his room for quiet time

3:25 PM: Kiddo 2 has finally stopped crying. Thank goodness. Such a hard day. I need a drink. But can't yet, of course, I have to be a parent. Parenting seriously is the hardest job.

3:27 PM: realize I never finished that load of laundry. Will have to rewash. But I'm not moving right now, don't want to chance waking up Kiddo 2

3:30 PM: mess around on phone because I don't want to move. Looking for audiobooks.

3:42 PM: ask Twitter for audiobook recs. one response. Find some more ideas on my own, now I have too many choices. Great. Book nerd problems.

4:04 PM: Text back and forth with mom about Kiddo 2's doctor visit and our hard day

4:15 PM: spent 23 minutes on phone to Kiddo 2's doctor (at least 12 of those minutes were on hold before anyone answered) asking about ways to help relieve his possible constipation, not much in the way of answers.

4:45 PM: worry about my friends and family back in OK, where there are multiple tornado watches and warnings going on

4:58 PM: Kiddo 2 finally pooped (1st of the day) Yay. Changed diaper (he scream cried again) and then fed him. Messed around on phone for a while. Took Buzzfeed quiz: Lupin is the marauder who is my soulmate. Yawn whatever number it is now. 13? 14? IDK.

5:15 PM: Kiddo 1 done with quiet time, playing with TMNT while I feed Kiddo 2. I remind him he needs to do homework. Help him with some of his homework. Yawn ?? 15??

5:45 PM: The hubs comes home and takes over Kiddo 2 duty. I wash some dishes and rewash load of laundry I started at 7:26 this morning. Have Kiddo 1 help me sort his dirty laundry. Kiddo 2 is back to scream crying at times, but the hubs is handling it.

6:15 PM: hold Kiddo 2 again while the hubs goes to the bathroom, then he takes Kiddo 2 again. Watch footage of OK tornadoes, glad we're not there but wish we had the news stations so we could keep up with the storms. Kiddo 2 naps, the hubs holds him.

6:30 PM: order pizza. No one feels like cooking.

6:55 PM: help Kiddo 1 with the rest of his homework. Yawn ??

7:09 PM: get a call from one of my best friends. She lives in OK and works in Moore. Her work was hit by Moore tornado in 2013 and hit AGAIN by the one today. I feel horrible for her but I'm so glad she (and all my other OK friends and family) are okay. She gets another call from her boss so we hang up. Go back to helping Kiddo 1 with homework.

7:20 PM: Kiddo 1 wants to snuggle but just then the pizza arrives so Kiddo 1 and I eat.

7:47 PM: Take Kiddo 2 from the hubs so he can eat, Kiddo 1 washes up and brushes his teeth and gets into his pajamas. I read him a story and say goodnight, then the hubs does the same thing.

7:55 PM: catch up with the hubs. Kiddo 2 is still napping

8:20 PM: our TV watching time. Nothing on DVR that we want to watch, so we switch to Netflix. Decide to rewatch Sherlock

9:15 PM: start falling asleep before episode of Sherlock is over. Take medicine and go to bed. The hubs stays up for a while, feeds Kiddo 2

9:50 PM: actually go to bed after messing around on my phone for 30 minutes. Have a pain in my chest and have anxiety about it for about 10 minutes until I fall asleep (basically pass out)

2:15 AM: Kiddo 2 is fussing. Get up to feed him, yawn ??, and do it all over again. Realize I still never put that load of laundry in the dryer. Thank goodness there will be no circumcision today!

So there you have it, a Day in the Life from me, book blogger and stay-at-home mother of two.  I admit it looks like I'm sitting around a lot, and I am, but I'm mostly holding Kiddo 2 and breastfeeding him for most of the day.  But I do realize that I'm on my phone a lot, when I could be doing something else.  If not blogging (hard to be on a computer with a kid in your lap), at least reading. So I'm going to try to do that much more often.

Did you participate in this blogger event?  Let me know, or leave a link to your own Day in the Life in the comments!  I'm looking forward to seeing what other bloggers' days look like!

Just a Little Hiatus

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Hi everyone!

So you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything on here for a few weeks, and I just wanted to let you know why.

I'm reaching the end of my pregnancy and my baby could come any day, and I've been on semi-bed rest now for about a month.  I was really trying to stay on top of my reading and my blog posts so that even after I have my baby, the blog would still be updated regularly.  Well, that didn't really happen.

I'm still reading and I have a few reviews that need to be written and posted, but I just haven't been feeling up to blogging in the past few weeks. Today, in fact, is the first day in a while that I've even felt like doing ANY kind of blogging and I figured I should maybe write this post before I let my hiatus go on any longer without an explanation.

So basically I hope to keep up with my blog as much as possible, even after my son is born, but I'm just not sure if I'll be able to do that right away.  I still hope to keep up my reading somewhat, and I'm trying to stay kind of present on social media (especially Twitter and Instagram - I'm @OverstuffedBook on both of those), and I plan on posting some pictures and info about my baby once he's here.  But I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back to a regular schedule.  But I'll most likely be posting those reviews as soon as I can, because they have a high priority to me.

So anyway, I apologize for being AWOL for the past few weeks and while I don't know when I'll get back to a regular schedule, I do hope to have some posts up here and there.  Right now I'm going to aim for being back on a regular schedule in April.  And in the meantime, I should have a few reviews up as well as a post about my baby once he arrives.

Thanks so much to all of my followers for sticking with me, even while I'm not on a regular schedule!  I wouldn't be able to do this blogging thing without you!

Sundays in Bed With...Rebellion

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sundays in Bed With... is a meme/feature started by my friend Kate at Midnight Book Girl, where we can highlight the book that we're spending the day in bed reading (or the one we wish we could be reading all day in bed!).

I'm hoping to spend the day in bed with...

Rebellion (Extraction #2) by Stephanie Diaz

I'm still pregnant and still on semi-bed rest, so theoretically I should have read like 10 books by now.  But I'm still a slow reader and I've actually spent a lot of time catching up on TV shows and spending time with my husband and our 5-year-old, so I'm not spending all day reading like I thought I would.  But I do hope to spend some time reading today, and hopefully get Rebellion finished soon!

What are you spending this Sunday in bed with?  Let me know in the comments, or leave a link to your post if you're participating in this meme and I'll try to stop by your blog!

Review: Extraction (Extraction #1) by Stephanie Diaz

Friday, February 6, 2015
Title:  Extraction
Author:  Stephanie Diaz
Series:  Extraction #1
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin, an imprint of Macmillan
Publication Date:  July 22, 2014
Pages:  403
Format/Source:  Hardback/From Publisher  
Age Group/Genre:  Young Adult/Science Fiction, Dystopian
"Welcome to Extraction testing."

Clementine has spent her whole life preparing for her sixteenth birthday, when she’ll be tested for Extraction in the hopes of being sent from the planet Kiel’s toxic Surface to the much safer Core, where people live without fear or starvation. When she proves promising enough to be “Extracted,” she must leave without Logan, the boy she loves. Torn apart from her only sense of family, Clem promises to come back and save him from brutal Surface life.

What she finds initially in the Core is a utopia compared to the Surface—it’s free of hard labor, gun-wielding officials, and the moon's lethal acid. But life is anything but safe, and Clementine learns that the planet's leaders are planning to exterminate Surface dwellers—and that means Logan, too.

Trapped by the steel walls of the underground and the lies that keep her safe, Clementine must find a way to escape and rescue Logan and the rest of the planet. But the planet leaders don't want her running—they want her subdued.

With intense action scenes and a cast of unforgettable characters, Extraction is a page-turning, gripping read, sure to entertain lovers of Hunger Games and Ender's Game and leave them breathless for more. (Cover and synopsis from Goodreads.)

A YA Melting Pot...

Throughout my time reading Extraction, I found myself comparing it to a lot of different YA books.  Many elements of this story reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games and Divergent series, and, to a lesser extent, Across the Universe and Inside Out series as well.  At times it seemed as though Extraction was simply checking off all the YA dystopian tropes.  Some kind of test at age 16?  Check.  The main character realizes, through the test, that they are somehow different or advanced or special?  Check.  The main character is sent somewhere different because of said differentness or specialness?  Check.  The main character has some sort of makeover at their new place of living?  Check. The main character undergoes a training process at their new place of living?  Check.

Now, let me just say that I enjoy dystopians.  And while I do think that there is an abundance of them right now, and many of them don't live up to the quality of the others, that doesn't mean that I will just disregard a dystopian because it's similar to others.  Yes, it kind of bothered me that this book had so many similarities to other dystopians.  BUT I felt that Extraction also had its differences.  There was no love triangle, for example. Clementine has a fleeting crush on someone quite a few years older than her, but then it turns out he's married and she immediately goes back to only having feelings for her almost-boyfriend.  So I guess you could say that it looked like it might have had a love triangle, but it didn't happen.  

And one of the characters that at first reminded me of Four from Divergent, kind of turned out more realistically than Four.  Now this is where some people are going to get angry with me, but it just has to be said:  Four was an ASS to Tris at the beginning, and he did some horrible things in Insurgent, and he NEVER made up for those things.  I feel like he just wasn't as great of a character as everyone thinks he is.  And in Extraction, there's a character who starts out treating Clementine just the same way Four treats Tris at first, yet this guy stays a complete ass.  He's not a good guy.  He is, in fact, one of the villains of the story and I feel like he just didn't flip-flop like Four and while I don't like him, I feel like he's a more complex and realistic character than Four. 

So although I can see where others would have issues with all the similarities with other YA books, I feel like Extraction had enough of its own compelling stories and characters to become more than just that YA trope checklist that it seemed to start off as.  Once the pace picked up a bit before the 1/4 mark, I really started enjoying it.  

My rating for Extraction by Stephanie Diaz:

Actually more like 3.75 stars, just under 4.  It ended up being full of action and suspense, with an emotional ending that set readers up for the next book in the series.  I'm very interested in seeing where the rest of this series will take us!
Find it:  Goodreads │ Amazon │ Macmillan

You may also enjoy:  Inside OutAcross the Universe

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

Waiting on Wednesday (47): A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My pick this week:
by V.E. Schwab
Release Date:  February 24, 2015
Published by Tor Books
Kell is one of the last Travelers—rare magicians who choose a parallel universe to visit.

Grey London is dirty, boring, lacks magic, ruled by mad King George. Red London is where life and magic are revered, and the Maresh Dynasty presides over a flourishing empire. White London is ruled by whoever has murdered their way to the throne. People fight to control magic, and the magic fights back, draining the city to its very bones. Once there was Black London - but no one speaks of that now.

Officially, Kell is the Red Traveler, personal ambassador and adopted Prince of Red London, carrying the monthly correspondences between royals of each London. Unofficially, Kell smuggles for those willing to pay for even a glimpse of a world they’ll never see. This dangerous hobby sets him up for accidental treason. Fleeing into Grey London, Kell runs afoul of Delilah Bard, a cut-purse with lofty aspirations. She robs him, saves him from a dangerous enemy, then forces him to another world for her 'proper adventure'.

But perilous magic is afoot, and treachery lurks at every turn. To save all of the worlds, Kell and Lila will first need to stay alive — trickier than they hoped. (Cover and synopsis from Goodreads.)

The only book I've read so far by Victoria Schwab is Vicious, and I LOVED that book.  I own The Archived (thanks again, Jessie!) but have yet to read it.  But A Darker Shade of Magic has that same kind of Vicious vibe to it that I just CAN NOT WAIT for it.  I've pre-ordered it, and now I wish I had spent a bit more so that I could get it on the actual release date.  As it is, I probably won't get it until early March.  But I think I may have to read it as soon as I get it in the mail!

What book are you waiting on?  Let me know, or leave a link to your WoW post in the comments, and I'll try to stop by your blog! 
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